The Fantasy Hockey Podcast
2017-2018 Season

10/20 - Arizona Finally Gets Their First...Oh Wait | Fantasy Hockey Podcast

We run you through week 3 and give you the weeks best and worst players. We also preview the weekend and give you some pickup suggestions to get you prepped. Lastly, we do a Draft on DRAFT!

Download the app Brandon built with his bare fingers, DRAFT, and use promo code ‘FHP’ to get a free $3 ticket when you make your first deposit.

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10/18 - The Unsustainable Will Butcher Effect | Fantasy Hockey Podcast

We review last week's unsustainable calls and call people out for this week. We also introduce a new segment called sustainably low which will aim to help you drop players. Lastly, we give you our top and value picks for tonight.

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10/16 - Week 3 Preview | Fantasy Hockey Podcast

Brandon rants about Will Butcher and we preview this week of fantasy hockey. We also offer up some short term players and long term players to keep an eye on.

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10/13 - Fantasy Hockey Week 2 Review

Water is wet and the Bruins suck. It's Friday the 13th and the NHL is upside down. We review a crazy week 2 and give you some pickup options for the weekend. Lastly, we discuss our top and value picks for tonight. Oh, and a brief Yakupov discussion at the beginning.

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10/11 - Unsustainable Fantasy Hockey

We talk about players that are performing above their means and players that are way too good to continue being bad. Lastly, we give you our picks for the night.

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10/09 - Fantasy Hockey Week 2 Preview in the Rain

We preview the first full NHL week and give some tips on who to keep an eye on, who to pick up, and who to avoid. We get rained on.

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10/06 - A Short Week in Review

We review our first week (?) and make attempts to teach everyone that 10-1 blowouts shouldn’t influence your free agency too much. We also discuss weekend pickup suggestions and do a draft on DRAFT.

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10/04 Fantasy Hockey Podcast is Back!

The boys are back! With a new MWF format and tons of new ideas, this first full season will be better than ever. Today we discuss what teams we're high and low on for the 2017 season. Brandon has an absolute hot take. We also go over who you should be watching in your Free Agency pool. Lastly, we give you our high and low value picks for the night.

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