The Podcast

All about fantasy Hockey discussion, advice and banter every day of the week. Each day of the week is a different topic to keep it interesting, yet structured. We discuss everything from injuries to hat-tricks, season long or daily. This is the ultimate podcast to help you win in fantasy hockey. Win with us or lose with us. Whichever you choose, We're here to have a good time. The only fantasy podcast that runs every day of the week (we figured it'd be more fun that way). We tend to consider shot selection, hits, and pims more than other fantasy podcasts because we like those CATS quite a bit and lots of people have them.

The podcast Usually runs about 30-45 minutes with occassional episodes going around an hour.

Who We Are

Just two friends and coworkers that wanted to put a different and new spin on Fantasy Hockey Podcasts. We figured that a daily podcast would suit fantasy hockey better since we're setting lineups every day. We wanted to make an entertaining, while being helpful, podcast to make your fantasy hockey season even better.

David Gamboa

Rangers fan. I play as a goalie in real life and play in one season long that is normal (Yahoo) and one keeper league that's been going for 4 years now (ESPN).

Brandon Stakenborg:

Islanders fan. I can't even hockey stop, let alone actually play. I play in one single season hits/PIMs league (Yahoo), but plan on starting some sort of salary capped keeper league next season.

Contact Us

To submit an idea, feedback, corrections, or just to cuss us out for making you lose, contact us here: fantasyhockeypodcast@gmail.com