The Fantasy Hockey Podcast

01/27/17 - All-Star Break Prep

Fantasy talk of the massive 13 game slate on the night before the all-star break. We also review the week and discuss who impressed us and who disappointed us.

Read more schedule 50 min.

01/26/17 - Alternative All-Star Rosters

Presenting the Alternative All-Star Game Roster! The only All-Star game that is entirely dependent on fantasy performance. In this episode we announce our selections for each division.

schedule 55 min.

01/25/17 - Unsustainable Edition

Discussion about players and teams that are performing at an unsustainable rate whether it be too high or too low.

schedule 30 min.

01/24/17 - Return of the Flu

Main segment involving injuries. Injuries that occurred in the past week and players that have come back from injuries. Discussion of who to target and how to replace notable injured players such as Letang, Galchenyuk and Rask.

schedule 34 min.

01/23/17 - First Ever Show Edition!

We give a preview of what this podcast will be along with discussing the games for the week. We also go over the weekend's games as well as how to deal, or prepare, for the all-star break. Lastly we go over our week-long pickup suggestions and give our high and low value picks for the night.

schedule 55 min.