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03/15 - Unsustainable Hot Fire Flames

We discuss unsustainable players and teams. See who's just too hot to touch and who's just waiting to heat up.

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03/14/17 - No Days Off (Even in a storm)

Brandon takes you through this week's injury report. With playoffs on the line every IR spot or returning player counts. Here's how to best play the injuries around the NHL

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03/13 -NHL Snowstorm Week Preview

We prep for a blizzard but obviously still find time for podcasting. We preview this week of divisional NHL matchups and perhaps the last week of fantasy before your playoffs. We'll get you ready to take your league by storm.

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03/10 - Week in Review

Malkin tears it up and Schneider flounders. This our review of a fun NHL week, filled with big games and playoff implications.

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03/09 - You've Been Busy, So Here's the News

We know you're busy and stressed managing your lineups, trying to make it into the playoffs or lock up a 1st round bye so let us catch you up on everything happening in the NHL.

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03/08 - Unsustainable Edition

We talk about all the unsustainable players related to fantasy in the NHL. We also give you our high and low picks for the night.

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03/07 - Week Preview

Brandon is back! We take a look at injuries in the NHL including people returning from injury. Letang is back out as usual as is Nyquist and Radulov. On the plus side, Marner is back for the Leafs. How do you cope with all these injuries?

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03/06 - Week Preview

We preview this week of the NHL. So close to the fantasy hockey playoffs, every pickup counts, as does every drop. Here's our suggestions for how to navigate this week with Pickup suggestions and players/teams to keep an eye on.

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03/03 - Week in Review

Brandon goes on vacation and leaves me to review a hectic and jam packed NHL week filled with hat-tricks, Forsbergs, and Kucherovs. Also, we give you our pickup suggestions for the weekend.

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03/02 - Trade Deadline Recap

We recap the trade deadline, assign winners and losers to the trades, and talk about how they affect the rest of your fantasy hockey season.

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03/01 - Unsustainable Trade Deadline Edition

Forsberg, are you for real? Toews, weren't you not a fantasy player? Unsustainable players abound. It's time to call out certain guys too for their lack of production in a fun unsustainable edition show.

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02/28 - Injuries Edition

We take a look at new injuries and poeple returning from injuries. The biggest names are Jonathan Quick and Erik Johnson.

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02/27 - NHL Trade Deadline Week Preview

Bishop to the Kings, wait what? In a week where people change jerseys, loyalty is tested and people throw common sense out the window, the Fantasy Hockey Podcast is here to make sense of it for you.

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02/24 - Week in Review

Review of a crazy NHL week filled with tons of playoff like games and crazy fantasy performances (2 hat-tricks in a row Forsberg?!). Also, we give you our pickup suggestions for the weekend.

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02/23 - Trade Deadline Prep

We talk about the trade deadline. Where people might go and how to play it in your fantasy league.

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